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. she is anxious to see how president obama talks about the country's economic future over the next four years. >> i feel as a business owner the economy is still kind of shaky. it wouldn't take a lot to make that real unstable. but i feel like we made progress in the last four years. >> what factors in for her? >> i care about the middle class. people trying to make a living at their own business. so, i don't want to see the rich getting richer. i'm not that kind of businesswoman. >> you're a mom of three? >> three teenagers. >> business person? >> business person. >> debbie brown doesn't sugar coat it. she wants more women involved. that's why she is involved. as director of the colorado women's alliance. group that defines itself as researching and vo kateing on issues that women care about most. >> every woman's issue isn't birth control issue. a lot of us to who feel like pandering and the scare tactics don't work for us and we want to focus on job creation, healthcare with real access and issues that affect women every day. >> do you think it's getting through in colorado? women ma
, governor romney's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> president obama talking about zingers and trying to manage expectations for the debate. charles and ross are back to talk about whether that's a good strategy. i have a poll here about who's likely to win the debate and very clearly, people think that obama will, 55% to 31%. yet, i would say that the favorite really ought to be mitt romney, purely because he spent most of the year debating against very good debaters like newt gingrich and rick santorum and others. they were very capable opponents on a debate stage. barack obama hasn't done this for four years. so i would think the advantage would definitely be with the apparent underdog, a, because people don't think he's going to win and i think he may well win that first debate and secondly, because he's the more experienced debater. >> well, i think i would caution you a little bit. i think the president, when he has given kind of press interviews, that is a form of being pressed on things so maybe you're not debating another opponent one-on-one, but you are going through the pro
expectations and say obama's a great orator and so on but if you talk to romney people in private, and they have been quoted in background pieces in the last few days, they'll say look, we're losing, this is a good chance to change the dynamic so he needs to step up. >> charles blow, how does he step up? because there is this conundrum. he's not very likeable to the electorate from all the polls, even today, obama is way ahead on likability. he doesn't have that ready reagan kind of charm. but he's got to exude some of that, i think, at the same time he's got to beat up barack obama verbally so that everyone goes away thinking romney won. how does he do both? >> well, i don't know how he does both. i don't believe he's capable of doing both. i do think you're right to put it in two parts which is one, he has to dig himself out of the hole that he has put himself in. with the gaffes and the kind of robotic nature and all that. the second thing he has to do is to stand next to a sitting president of the united states and say i am an attractive alternative to this. what you have to l
is talking about doing, what obama wants to do, that is not available for tax reform. all tax increases to pay for more spending undermine tax reform. and therefore, they're not going to allow it. so, this is a-- this is a nonsorry, 'cause it will never pass the senate and never ever ever pass the house and as much as obama might like to see it happen now, no. stuart: okay. advice for mitt romney in tomorrow night's debate? >> look, obama has changed his previous promise, which was he wouldn't raise taxes on anyone who earned less than $250,000. now, he broke it about eight times during his presidency, but the new promise is, he won't raise anyone's income taxes who earns less than 250,000 next year. so, obama himself in his campaign speeches says, if i get reelected president, 2014, katie bar the door, there is no protection for anybody. so the tax code-- >> you're saying attack on the tax issue, that's what you say mitt romney can, must and should do. >> and spending and just the overall spend, tax, policy of this administration which would only get worse in a second term. stuart: all
. >> you have to ask yourself, does president obama get it? does he bother talking to his generals like that one right there? his intel people? or is he too busy campaigning in sin city? dana, you cringeed a little bit when we listened to president obama in vegas saying again, al-qaeda is dead -- bin laden is dead, al-qaeda on the way out. scary, though. >> dana: this morning i read the "new york post" and i noted he quoted president obama saying that line at the democratic national convention. i was going to bring it up in this segment. i didn't realize president obama said it again yesterday. you would think even stump speech that should be refreshed and keep up with the times. they are talking to multiple audiences at the same time. in this case, he is talking to the american troops, our allies, fighting with us. our enemy and directly to the american people. those messages aren't necessarily always going to be the same. but it seems careless to suggest that al-qaeda is on the wane if in fact your general last night on "60 minutes" is saying the opposite and we have evidence that al-
a lot of this campaign is mitt romney and barack obama talking about how they would work in washington. and as we know the american public are so frustrated right now with how washington is operating or is not operating at all. so there's a lot on the line for mitt romney, barack obama tomorrow night. tens of millions of people will be watching. of course, a lot here on cnn. there is over 3,000 journalists who are actually credentialed to come and cover this debate. 700 of them are from other countries. so the whole world will be watching. >> and jim lahr is the moderator for debate number one. how long do the candidates get to answer the questions? because some candidates are pretty long-winded. >> reporter: they are, and that's going to be the struggle and one of the challenges for the moderator torrow as well as the other debate moderators, including candy crowley who will be moderating a debate later this month. 30 seconds to about a minute to answer a question. and of course there's a rebut l rebuttal. if we do see sharp exchange back and forth, sometimes the train can get off th
obama doesn't seem inclineed to talk directly to the liberals. both campaigns sorely so -- clearly see the independent vote in the middle. the obama side either deciding the race or romney's side pushing them into the margin of error that right now has them on the losing end. and those campaigns are almost word-for-word, brian, said the exact same thing. tomorrow, we're talking to independents. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. the debate airs tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. i'll have a completianup on the news edge at 10 and the news edge at 11. >>> another big story tonight, today marks 10 years since the d.c. sniper's terrorized our region. ten people were killed during a three-week shooting spree. three people were shot and survived. mohammad and malvo were captured and convicted. mohammad executed in 2009, and malvo serving a life sentence and paul paul wagner and i covered the attacks extensively and we'll talk about some new developments and it's well- covered you smoke with charles moose. i spoke with him about three years or so ago and found a different person then than during the attacks and
for the night which will focus on domestic policy. president obama joking about it yesterday, talking to a supporter at a phone bank in nevada. >> they're keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >> mitt romney put his spin on the debates last night, as well, at a rally in denver. trying to frame how they would be judged. >> and what, in my view, it's not so much winning and losing or even the people themselves, the president and myself, it's -- it's about something bigger than that. these debates are an opportunity for each of us to describe the pathway forward for america that we would choose. and the american people are going to have to make their choice as to what kind of america they want. >> based on the latest cnn national poll we showed you, there is a lot at stake. the candidates within the margin of error on each other. sean spicer is the communications director for the republican national committee. he joins us now from the republican national committee headquarters in washington, d.c. and sean, do you agree with republican nominee mit
turning pink, too. those are your 5@5:00. >>> talking politics now president obama and mitt romney have the first debate tomorrow in november. >>> we have a new poll that is out but it hasn't done much for the politics the national average for the polls. it was up 3 and a half points. the national picture remains very, very close. one of the swing states is the scene of the debate. he got last minute campaigning he got a last minute endorsement from quarterback john elway. he is preparing for a much more critical stage on wednesday. >> these debates are an opportunity for each of us to describe the pathway forward for america that we would choose. american people are going to have to make their choice as to what kind of debate they want. it will be a conversation with the american people that will span almost an entire month. >>> the university of denver is still being set for the three debates. president obama is spending time at a nevada resort. he runs through rehearsals. >> what i am most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country gro
to talk about specifics, look at what president obama said. >> talk about mr. romney. if you're going to talk about the president, we will have to close the discussion now, but if you're -- >> this is a martin game here, of course. let's not beat up on the president -- >> we're just talking about mr. romney. >> the fact of the matter is what i said at the outseth still stands. i think it's about a vision of where you want to take the country and how you want to move forward. as it relates to his tax plan, he has said very clearly that, a, he wants to cut certain tax loopholes, b, he wants to keep the bush era tax cut rates in place, and c, we need to make sure we can work with congress in a bipartisan fashion to get it done. i think that's very fair, i think it's a question that will be asked of him tomorrow by jim lehrer. >> it's also been deemed as mathematically impossible. thank you. as the candidates gear up, we are headed to denver. we will broadcast live from the university of denver, so be sure to tune in tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. eastern. >>> next, the 47 and bain. sure to take cen
teenagers. i can only imagine what was on the wall before the f-obama. people talking about cheating on each other. you know somebody ended up taping a tampon up there because you know that is what chicks do. if not on the wall then on my locker. >> what you are saying is when you were in high school you were a victim of free speech, meaning people were beating you up constantly? >> that's free hit. i at least wanted to be in charge. now in my current profession i am. >> well, then it all worked out. >> yes. >> we can call this a happy ending. not for joe ekirk. >> i am going to track you down and make fun of you. i am going to hurt your feelings. maybe not. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox news.com. and if you have a video of your animal doing something not boring go to fox news.com/red eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come in the half time report andy levy jerk. he can't take that. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by ex
. nice to talk with you. >> thank you. >>> next, we'll hear from the obama camp on this expectations game. what's at stake for the president? the dnc chairwoman will be here. >>> plus a judge is set to rule on whether a voter i.d. law that could swing a state that hasn't been a swing state but maybe put it is back in if it's put into place. and ballots are now being cast in another key battleground state. up to 35 states voting now. >>> today's trivia question. which politician has participated in the most general election presidential debates? tweet me the answer @ chucktodd. we'll be right back. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're committed to offering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our exchange traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 which now have the lowest tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lipper categories. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lower than spdr tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and even lower than
, whose triumphs and struggles offer a snapshot of barack obama's america. the head of this family is one of the 12 million unemployed. >> i am a labor. for 15vi have been laid off months. we talk about barack obama and mitt romney. >> i would like to see both of them stepped in my boots for about six months. i don't think they understand what the individual goes through. they need to try living paycheck to paycheck. >> he has spent his whole life here. a community built on paper mills and steel. the downtown streets are lined with casualties of the economic crisis. for five across town, school has let out. the oldest is thinking about the university. they're looking for part-time work. >> it is not a single income economy any more. gas prices are through the roof. we have a family of seven. education systems worry me, health-care worries me. what will that do for my kids and grandkids? >> what barack obama and mitt romney have to address is a kind of middle-class malaise, a perception that while the rich will take care of themselves, and the poor will be taken care of by the state, peopl
the idea of combating climate change. he talked about obama promising to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. he mocked it, and it was a huge applause line. you have a republican party platform using scare quotes to talk about climate change. you have republicans in major positions of influence in the congress saying it's a complete hoax. that's totally out of whack with the kind of hostility of science you see overall on the left. >> so my response to that would be that, see, you're focusing more on the republican party and the democratic party, and that's not the point of the book. the point is to talk about progressive ideologies. what elements lead people down anti-scientific paths? we tackle myths like the idea that natural things are better, that unnatural things are bad for you. those are the myths we tackle. those have become pervasive in the culture. so that's why we don't focus -- we purposefully try not to talk about partisan politics. we don't make an ekwif lens between republicans and democrats. we talk about ideas common on the left, which lead people toward
talked about how al-qaeda was on the run. he said barack obama had said that the goal that i set to defeat al-qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach. there will be difficult days ahead. the sacrifices of our men and women are not over. david gregory said the president has said that al-qaeda has not had a chance to rebuild. that al-qaeda has been defeated. that's david gregory on the facts. regardless of what you think about his performance at the debate last night, i think he should be held to account for that particular statement. fran is calling us from springfield, missouri. you're on the "bill press show." >> caller: okay. listen, why do -- why are they supposed to convince people to vote for the person that can throw fingers. this is the presidency we're talking about. >> john: it tells you how much the romney campaign thinks of the american people's intelligence. >> caller: exactly. because they don't have any. >> john: yeah. >> caller: in the 2008 primary debates, romney was asked
appalled that neither governor romney or president obama is talking about agriculture in this campaign. it is the foundation of the u.s. economy. i fought for ethanol since i was governor. it has been a great success. it has lowered the price of fuel, improved the quality of economy. it has created tens of thousands of jobs. it is a great example of bipartisan efforts. there is a new company with 100 yards. -- with 100 jobs. the governor and senator worked together with the champion better of commerce and brought the jobs here. this isn't a threat to our economy. the interests of agriculture and the united states of america are completely aligned. there is no need to choose. >> senator fisher? >> thank you very much. you know, i grew up in lincoln. my husband and i have been married 40 years, and i have lived in cherry county for those years with our family ranch, our three sons and denali. agriculture is important in this state. what is important is that we always work together as a state. there are urban interests and rural interests and they coincide. because of agriculture's import
mistakes like looking at your watch. >> bob: they are talking about him practicing zingers against obama. be careful. where's the beef which i'm proud of or what reagan did to mondale, unless the context is up, put a bumper sticker to make them understand clearly you have to be good to do that. i'm not sure romney should do it. romney should take it to obama and take it hard. i think obama will duck and not take it to romney. >> greg: simple advice for romney, tell the truth. the facts are on his side. style versus substance. >> bob: i do think that obama will ask romney to explain the tax plan. ryan said it was too complicated to explain. >> eric: obama is not going to ask romney anything. >> bob: listen, they all end up asking each other questions. >> eric: what i would do if i'm romney, no matter what they ask, just go right back to the economy. just go right back to the economy. throw numbers out there. just stay on this. >> andrea: going tough and hard. but he can't go too hard and too tough, then the media says he's angry, now he's an angry rich man. >> bob: come up with the number
and escalate in afghanistan candidate obama has not stopped talking about afghanistan this time around. candidate romney has said obama is not tough enough, but what he has called for has not been different in any substantive way. he has said that we should keep troops there, not a lot right away. president obama is not pulling out right away. >> the drone strikes a, on going in pakistan in yemen -- and yemen, at least 30,000 individuals have gone to pakistan at great personal risk to demonstrate against the spirit talk about the escalation of drone attacks under president obama. >> in many ways, this has become the signature war of president obama. this is the war he has given the most attention to, has escalated the most dramatically, not only in afghanistan, but also in yemen, somalia, reports of other lower-level drone strikes happening in other countries as well. the idea that this is cheap and safe -- meaning safe for u.s. pilots, as they are not in the air -- it turns out it is neither cheap are safe. manila get a new "times magazine" reports, it indicates that it actually costs
are talking about obama, they are talking mostly about the campaign in the economy. they are being more negative than positive overall as you can see with the-versus the positive here. i will show you one more. this is the lee are talking about mitt romney. this is the topic we did when they are talking about mitt romney, the are talking about these messages and this is the sentiment embedded within that topical discussion. i love to go on and on showing you pictures but you can basically do an amazing number of things with that platform in terms of looking at various formulations and cross the slicing of data within the methodology i said before. we are also one of the more interesting things that we are able to do is look at this over time. here you are looking at how the economy, the message of the economy, has gone over the course of the campaign. i am showing you economy but i brought in entitlement. there was a discussion of entitlement in the wake of paul ryan's vp selection. and the floor policy -- there was a spike and mitt romney went abroad -- the foreign policy, there was a
partners, like aarp, i also want to talk to you about women and how obama is really winning over women voters incredible end their kind of performance, they have been highly critical of what he stands for when it comes to women's issues. >> i think one of the things that again, this is a missed opportunity for republicans. when you look at democrats, a lot of what they offer is sort of an old-fashioned, 1970s agenda for women. about abortion, contraception, talking about the touch point issues that are supposed to make women feel aggrieved for equal pay and equal work. by the way, that a lot of women do care deeply about social issues. the idea that they get up and from the moment that they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night, they are focused on abortion. most women, they don't have that luxury. they are working and having to pay the bills and balance family and work life. one of the things that republicans could be doing a lot better. gerri: ann romney is trying to make it more personal. is that the way you appeal to women? >> i think the way to appeal to them is to
obama is speaking. he's talking about his mom and how she was a porn star. get a load of this. >> these photos were taken a few weeks before christmas 1960 when mom was about five weeks pregnant with me. there's no mistaking this is my mom. >> cenk: no, there is mistaking it okay? that is unbelievable. when you thought they couldn't go any lower not only are they pretending that video that president obama's father is actually not kenyan. that's a new one. that's unique, but that his mom was in porn. unreal. let's bring in michael hastings who is covering the obama campaign, and he's in nevada with them right now. i have one quick question for you, michael. what is president obama's campaign reaction? are they amused, chagrined? what is their reaction. >> my reaction, look, they're taking it very seriously. especially the voter suppression efforts. they have what is called a voter protection officer in each of the major swing states on election day. there will be teams of voter protection volunteers to make sure that everyone who shows up at the poll to make sure they can vote
. he has to talk about obama's record he would do differently and what he stands for. he has to keep obama on defensive. you say 93 percent of the people say they will watch the debates. they written. most people will hear the one linears and the outtakes. they say they will watch, but they will listen to what the main treaty media has. >>guest: mitt romney will go on the defensive, but he does not like to be interrupted which we saw during the republican debates he gets wooden and all over the place. what is worse, though, after he is interrupted, when he starts or tries the zingers he has been practices. do we remember in the republicans debate when he decided to bet form the last minute, $10,000, that was an off the cuff bet if that will not help with middle class americans. >> if there are one liners, it has to do with the obama record. >>trace: there is new fallout from the deadly u.s. consulate attack in benghazi. g.o.p. lawmakers say the administration shot down requests for help as the security situation in libya spun out-of-control. more on that. hey! did you know that honey
they talk about an ad they call the truth. they try to tell what they see as the truth about president obama where he's fallen short. they're trying to sell that kind of three-pronged message to hispanics in raleigh and try to win some of those votes >> woodruff: this is a message that is specifically tailored to the latino, to the hispanic community some >> yes. i think all of his... most of his ads are although i've talked to some analysts who have been somewhat critical of the romney camp for some of the ads they put together. for instance, the first ad they put up was an ad called day one which was just a direct translation of an english language ad they had. as part of that ad among the things that governor romney talks about is or the narrator does on his behalf talks about wanting to repeal the health care reform plan. obama-care. that, of course, is something that is is actually very popular with hispanic. that's what some people have been considerd to be a misstep. the kinds of things where they don't target an ad directly at the hispanic community. until they do that, they won't ge
or obama, i would say we're not going to talk anymore about policy. we're not going to go over the notes anymore. you know everything you already need to know. you need to be likable. you need to be able to get people to trust you. >> romney needs to do something on policy to get people to trust him to reassure people he's not just on the side of the rich. he can't avoid substance completely. he has to say something that gets him over the hump. >> issues divide, values unite. when you're asked a question, talk about your family. talk about an experience -- >> no. >> if that's true, the problem is people have to believe that you believe those values. and i think mitt romney hasn't been able to close the deal on that credibility gap. and the only way to do that is with personal experience or policy that reflects on that rather than just a good line. >> it's independent voters we're talking about middle class voters and low income voters, they're important. independent voters are important too. and independent voters are sick of the lack of bipartisanship in washington. one thing mitt romne
to talk to a few people. he delivered some pizzas to the local obama for reelection campaign office out there. very nice of them. delivering pizza to the workers. he also talked about not getting out much. take a listen. >> basically they're keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >> wow, wow. this is john. he's doing his homework. >> also you have some new polls for us. where are we seeing the candidates now? >> nationally, this race is extremely close. four polls came out yesterday over the last 4 hours. let's talk about ours. cnnorc.com. 47 for mitt romney. that three-point advantage for the president is -- what is the key issue on wednesday night in this is about domestic issues. take a look at the economy numbers. about as close as you can get. one point between the candidates. that's why so much is on the line here. while the national polls are tight, the president has an advantage. >> that matters a lot. the swing states really matter. >> we can say it's really tight, huh, paul in. >> that's right. >>> we'll see you again in the next hour.
romney onstage. so obama has to play it safe. >> there's been a lot of talk about how romney actually did in the debates during the primary and how this will be different. i wanted to read this. this was a debate with t president will be much different during the republican primary. -- hillary clinton's debate prep says this no one punished mitt romney for being mean to rick santorum. the problem for governor romney is that he has to be across from the president of the united states, attack him, and still seem likable. that's a harder thing to do. and particularly if you're mitt romney, right, because you know, a lot of folks believe that, you know, he's having a very, very hard time being electable. >> absolutely. and when you attack yo opponent, your favorability often declines. that's a bigger problem for romney whose favorability is lower. on the other hand, one thing that romney has that helps him is he's the challenger. he's now going in on equal footing with the president of the united states. and that raises his stature. so for the first time the voters will see him standing there
, ronald reagan's. on the other hand, you had the debt limit talks in 2011 where president obama in the middle of talks never, until this day, has gotten specific. we don't know if he offered to raise the medicare retirement age. we don't know how much he said he would cut medicare and enact entitlement reform. so he did the opposite. he went into a serious negotiation not as a candidate but as the president and never got specific. it's one of the reasons we never got a big debt limit deal. so i think mitt romney actually is following the reagan pattern. the question is who when it comes to real negotiation with congress will follow through and get it done. i think mitt romney would be stronger at that. the president, if he could have done it, would have done it. >> secretary reish -- >> let me -- with due respect, with due respect to mr. fleischer, the fact is when ronald reagan was running we didn't have the kind of budget deficit we have right now. it's very -- >> that's not the point. >> you cannot as a presidential candidate, let me just if i may finish this thought. you can
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